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Pressure Cleaning Pound Ridge, NY

Westchester Power Washing has been pressure cleaning the homes of Pound Ridge residents for 30+ years.  Whether it’s mildew, algae, or mold, none of the usual invaders stand a chance against our vinyl pressure washing service or “soft wash” roof cleaning method.

The best pressure cleaning companies know getting rid of that dirt and mold isn’t enough.  It needs to stay gone.  Furthermore, the integrity of your home’s shingles and furniture can’t ever be compromised.  That’s why we enjoy a sterling reputation the premiere pressure cleaning service in the Hudson Valley.

Roof Washing in Pound Ridge, NY

Removing the black streaks and green mold on your roof requires the know-how to kill each different type of organism.  It also takes a roof washing professional fully dedicated to the craft;  understanding that using a pressure cleaner you’d use on vinyl would be the wrong way to go.

Westchester Power Washing uses the “soft wash” roof cleaning method — often overlooked by day laborers or freelance contractors who make expensive mistakes.   We carefully wash the roof, treat it with environmentally-friendly solutions, and ensure the utmost care.  Avoiding costly roof repairs is a must, and it starts with us.

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